Cookies are small bits of text generated by a server and sent to the browser to identify a person for a particular session. Cookies are vital for staying logged-on and for remembering information such as user preferences and the items currently in your shopping cart.

The method for setting cookie preferences and deleting cookies differs per browser.

For Mozilla Firefox users, go to Tools and then go to Options. Click the Privacy tab and then you’ll see the cookie preferences. Simply check or uncheck the checkbox if you want to accept or reject cookies from websites. You can also clear or delete your cookies from there.

For Internet Explorer users, go to Tools > Internet Options and select the General tab. You can view, delete, and change the settings for cookies and other temporary internet files in the Browsing History section.

For Safari users, go to Safari > Preferences and then click Security. You can choose the settings for how Safari handles cookies in the Accept Cookies section. You can see more information about the cookies stored on your computer by clicking Show Cookies.